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  • Are they actually trying to hire psychopaths now or what? I forgot to tell you that the guy who did the checking was the same guy who did the wonky deposit on July 26. And I didn't say "Yes, Punk!" That's what I wish I had said in the moment. Sorry for those of you who will feel uncomfortable watching this. What can I say? I have these sorts of experiences more and more often now and I think it's important to share them. Believe me, it's not a one-off experience anymore. This is how customer service is these days. […]
  • Pulling threads from my report on the Quandts. They miss their slave labour days, I think. If you’d like to support my research please click here: THANK YOU! In this video I talk about the Quandt-linked slave-using Nazi corporations and their influence on the world today – the Great Reset, Sustainable Development, funded science, human experimentation at hospitals & research centers and more. REFERENCES: VIDEO: AmazingPolly on the Quandts (Aug 2021): VIDEO: Amazing Polly on Quandts & Hillary (Jan 2019): Drosten Ciesek podcast Quandt money: Did Joanna Quandt Foundation pay for Drosten’s Charitee position? Charitee […]
  • I read excerpts from a 2006 piece by historian James Rodger Fleming, recounting developments in weather witchcraft (oops I mean 'science'). Of course I can't resist commenting along the way. ***To support this channel (thank you!) please click here for directions: *** ALSO AVAILABLE on Rum*le: Link to full document:
  • I cover some recent Global Mafia dirty work in Ireland & Haiti, then show you a 1996 document “Owning the Weather by 2025.” Mindblowing! Please consider supporting my work? Visit here: Don’t forget my other channel, Amazing Polly: THANK YOU so much for your time, attention & generosity. I am overjoyed to be able to interact with the best audience on the ‘net! ALTERNATE LINK TO VIDEO in case it is buffering: rumble link for those having trouble viewing: References below: VIDEO: Gemma O’Doherty: Gemm’s website: VIDEO Laura-Lynn and Dr. Charles Hoffe: David Keith […]
  • Potentially disturbing news. I wander my garden and tell you about it. (fun things happen on the way! Stay tuned to the very end) God is always there to lift my spirits! Anyway, if you have any ideas of how to get around the problem with my mail, please share in the comments! MY WEBSITE: Don't forget I have another channel here where I do investigative work:
  • Did he drop an intentional red pill? Probably not, but let's sit outside and talk about it and other things like ice cream made from Entomilk (bugs). 🙂 My website for blog posts, address etc: BIG THANKS to everyone for the tips, the support & the love! You guys keep me going. My "AmazingPolly" channel: Follow me on Gab (like twitter but supports free speech!): References: Cloud Seeding: World Economic Forum pushing Insects as Food: Bug Ice Cream:
  • I think it's a possibility. Let me share some research into mind control, the magnetosphere, magnetite, magnetogenetics and how these things are being used. My website: My Amazing Polly channel: REFERENCES: Superparamegnetic nano DNA vaccines: Is Magnetogenetics the New Optogenetics? Magnetic Strategies for Nervous System Control: Polymer Embedded with Nanoparticles Soft Robots: VIDEO: More Worms in COVID swabs? VIDEO: Persinger ‘No More Secrets’: VIDEO Persinger God Helmet: VIDEO Persinger God Helmet 2: Sorry, I had this one saved on my machine for years… I can’t find it on the internet anymore. […]
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