Have Trump, Q, and the WWG1WGA patriots managed to bring down the Democrat cabal, corrupt media, and silicone valley all in one term?

Oh this is going to be a fantastic coming four year term for this President and America. Nearly the entire swamp exposed as an October surprise. A surprise as big as this nation’s founding. The whole time we were on the right side of history as the cabal attempted to silence our ranks.

The work of the Q community doesn’t end here. There is so much left to do. Their damaging philosophy is woven into the fabric of society starting with colleges and the teachers they produce through to our elected representatives at every level.

We must continue to clean up the mess we have allowed to fester. For more than five decades the progressives worked to subvert this great country.

Our work is far from complete folks. They will never give up and have enlisted militants in an attempt to hold on to what they have been building. Our state and local governments are teaming with progressives that are left to carry the torch.

No more can we be the silent majority simply going along to get along. This movement must be passed on to future generations as a lethal weapon against those who attempt to subvert America.

We have been given another opportunity by God and many American patriots. We can not let them down again.

Where we go one we go all.

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There is so much that I want to share, especially with those of you that are new to all of this. After much internal back and forth with myself, I finally decided to just start at the beginning of my journey in search of truth.