About Me

I am the founder of A Peek Beneath the Surface which was born out of a desire to do SOMETHING in the hopes of making a difference. You can learn more about my journey in the Blog, titled “In the Beginning…”


I am an introverted, yet passionate American Patriot with a desire to help lead others on their journey of seeking TRUTH. I have a soft spot for those in the early stages of the awakening process – it can be quite a shock to some. I hope to be a resource and help to those that need it.


I am a Conservative, but I do not fit the “mold” that has been “sold” to the masses. I am a Christian, that has friends and/or family of many faiths, races, nationalities, political leanings, gay, straight etc. I tend to understand both sides of arguments and think that we can learn from each other. I believe in judging a person on the content of their character ONLY. I believe in the “Golden Rule” to treat others as I would like to be treated.


I am happy that you are here!!


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