Stop Complaining About Big Tech Already

I don’t remember any of the people complaining about the recent purge from big tech defending the first person purged. Most of you said little or nothing. You probably didn’t agree with Alex Jones, or his opinions, on many topics. So when the cancel culture deplatformed him, none of you went out of your way to defend him. So when they came for Alex, you were not Alex, so you did nothing.

You have had four years to prepare for this day. You knew it was coming. You did NOTHING to prevent it. So please spare us your feigned anger, surprise, and shock. You knew it was coming for you and you took steps to protect your content, but when they came for Alex, you were not Alex, so you did nothing.

Most of you watched as month after month one person or two was deplatformed. If you were all real patriots you would not have remained silent over those folks being deplatformed. You would have made attempts to right that wrong or moved your channels to other platforms in protest. But you didn’t, and when they came for them, you were not them, so you did nothing.

For those who still have channels on Youtube or accounts at Twitter or Facebook congratulations. Most of you have sucked the teat of Big tech and done or said everything they have demanded. Revenue over principles is how most of us see it. Stop whining now about deplatforming and for God sakes stop apologizing for having to use their prefered words. You don’t have to do either. Big tech just makes easy to control you and the words you are permitted to say.

Now the time comes for your audience to decide if you are worth fighting for. When Big tech comes for you will there be anyone left to defend you?

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